Friday, November 01, 2013

Wovember Wool Along

A Blue Faced Leicester looking inscrutable. They have a plan...

Way back in the mists of time BB (Before Boy) I bought half a kilo of BFL roving:

Not quite half a kilo (see below)

I started spinning it up in summer 2012 and then put it away again (I think the wheel was moved out of the room when we had a some kind of party, and I never got it out again!). The Wovember WAL seems an ideal opportunity to get this very delicious fibre finally spun up - especially since you're permitted in the rules of this 'Along' to finish something previously started and stopped on.

So the other day night I got out the wheel, gave it a good dust, became very confused about which way round the bobbin goes and how to put the drive band back on (in my defence I was in the throes of a supremely bad cold) and began again.

Off we go, but not with the anti-small finger breakage lock on (a bit of old belt)

I was also reminded I’d already spun and plied about 150g of this fibre already, as I had to skein it up to reclaim some bobbins - that was a nice surprise:

150g of sheepy goodness

The stuff I’m spinning is coming out at a pretty fine weight at 2 ply (I haven't wrapped it round a ruler yet as it's not been washed) I have no idea what it might eventually become, but I hope I don't faff about until next November to knit it up*

*I probably will

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