Monday, March 25, 2013

A Scottish garment (no, not a kilt...)

A lunchtime browse of Ravelry (I know, dangerous stuff!) led to me stumbling on the 'maud' thread in the Kate Davies group. I don't remember reading about it on her blog but I suppose I would have done, only at a point when I was less interested in sewing than I am now. She wrote one of her marvellous essays about  the 'maud' (I like the tasselly one in particular, so I may have to make two) and later published details of how to make one for yourself .

I had a lot of material given to me a while ago, amongst it was a pretty long length of tweedy stuff with a blue/yellow colourway, and some smashing (possibly Liberty) prints, so I chose this blue/green for the lining:

I cut the pieces on Thursday afternoon and sewed them into the L shapes using my trusty ancient Bernina (it goes back at least to 1982,  my Mum got it for me from my old school  when Thatcher decided no-one needed to learn how to cook or sew any more...but that's a whole other rant!) on Thursday evening:

I may be ancient, but I've still got it...

I did all the pressing as directed (pressing makes such a difference, like blocking, of which I was ignorant for so many years...):

Also, an ancient ironing board cover...
and sewed round again:

Until I finally had a finished 'maud' - here it is, wrapped around a chair...

Chairs can wear them too
 ...because by now I had the un-commonest common cold known to humankind, and there was no way I was going to self-photograph. So I nested myself on the sofa, wrapped in my lovely new maud, knit a sock and watched 'Argo' until school pick up time.

It is very warm, but tends to slip off my shoulders a bit (all coats and wraps do this on me) so I shall need to get kilt pins if I want to 'go about looking like a Victorian re-enactor' (and I will, I'm a morris dancer - I'll never look stranger than I do when doing that!)

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Anonymous said...

It looks great! That is lovely fabric - I especially like the lining.