Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cold, isn't it?

Never fear, for wool is here, in the form of an item to warm the ears from, you guessed it, Kate Davies:

Just leave me hanging would you...?

Sadly for me I didn't knit this for myself, so I must live, until Saturday at least when we'll be back at an unseasonable 6 degrees, with the constant fear that my ears may go black and drop off during my early morning cycle ride/slither through the back streets of East Oxford. I actually do like proper wintery weather but I wasn't prepared for cycling in it, the bargain merino base layer I got the other day is helping though. Wool is marvellous.

This wwwww1 is for my Mum, who's got a trip to Switzerland coming up, so really it should be in the post, but I had to take its picture in the snow first.

Here's the very lovely trad. 'Selbu Star' motif in actually completely unplanned patriotic Jubilympic colours...:

Red, white and blue. And purple.
It's knitted in a mixture of J&S Jumper Weight (that red of theirs is very much what I want from RED) and the leftovers I have spoken of before. Colour work is so useful for using up leftovers!

The inside (which needed to be completely non-itchy) is some Rowan felted tweed in a dark lilac colour. I had to do some extra rows on the inner as the row gauge didn't match, but because you begin with a provisional cast on this was really easy to do:

Through the headband hole...

The i-cord bind off does make a lovely finish:

Next time, well, I think there'll be another red thing to show you.

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